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    Sometimes these providers label bulk email coming from elte accounts as spam and put them in the junk mail (should this be the case we advise you to check your junk mail regularly) or simply bounce them, in which case you will miss out on important notifications coming from elte accounts. Most teachers will contact you from elte accounts with messages that will appear to be bulk email and all communication from the University  will regularly come through elte accounts. We strongly advise you to get an elte account. This does not mean you will have to redirect all of your communication from this point onward into this account. You can always forward your email from the elte account into the mail box you are more comfortable with.

    If you want to get such an account read this and this.

    Once you have such an account, you can forward your email from your elte account to your usual account by following these steps:

    • go to https://webmail.elte.hu
    • log in
    • go to levelezés
    • find szűrők
    • once here, find továbbítás
    • enter your alternative email address and save the changes (mentés)
    • the email received this way will no longer be bulk email and will be delivered to your alternative account
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